High Voltage Pulse Transformers

Balun (RF Transformer )

Air core Balun transformers
Voltage :
Impedance : 50 - 100Ω
Frequency : ≈ 2 - 10 GHz

High Voltage Pulse Transformer

Magnetic Field Pick up Coils

Epoxy moulded coils
Diameters and turns are customers choice

High Voltage Pulse Generators

HV Marx Generator

Input : 230/120 VAC
Output: 500kV
Energy: 1kJ /2kJ
PRR: 5ppm (maximum)
Rise time: 140 ns
Type:- Z/28/19

HV Trigger Generator

Type: Z/33/146
Input: 230/120 VAC
Output: 500 V
Command: Manual/+10V


Type: Z/33/146
Input: 230 volts, 50Hz, 1ø
Output: 500 volts pulse
Command: Manual+ 10V Pulse

High-Energy, High-Voltage Pulser

50 Joules, 15-20 kV, 30 kA, 5pps, 1 uFd

Ti-Ceramic Welder, or Washer Gun

PFN pulses, 100 us duration, 15 kV, 2-10 kA, Type No. Z/24/62

Spark Gaps

Field Distortion Spark Gap

Self breakdown : 60kV
Control : 25 - 48kV
Ipeak : 10kA
PRR : 1kA at 40pps

High Voltage Spark Gap

Self breakdown5 - 30kV
Ipeak5 -10kA
Type : Z/40/112
PRR : 1ppm (maximum)

Gas-Filled Trigatron

Self breakdown : 100kV
Control : 40 - 80kV
Gas: H2/N2/SF6
Peak current: 35kA
Maximum pressure: 100psi
Maximum PRR:- 100Hz at 1kA / Pulse
Recovery: <1us

Rail Gap Systems

750kA Pulse Switch Set: Rail Gap, Controller, Charge/Dump Relay, Biasing Resistors, Electrodes

Type: Z/34/65
Working voltage: 80kV

I Peak: 750kA
Bias Resistance: 500Meg

Delay Lines & PFN's

High Voltage Pulse Modulator

Type: PFN Based
Pulse width: 5 us
Output voltage: 40kV (open circuit)
Output load: 20kV into 50Ω
PRR: 50 pps (maximum)
I peak: 400A into 50Ω


High Voltage PFN Capacitor

Values: 470pf /680pf/1150pf/ 1350pf
Working voltage: 16kV
Test Voltage: 20kV
Type: PFN Stackable Capacitor

High Voltage Resistors

High Current Coaxial Pulse Shunts

Peak Current : 5 - 50kA
Resistance Values:
0.01 - 1.0Ω

High Voltage Resistor Assembly

Glass passivated resistors
Voltage ≈ 30kV – 20W
Values : k
Ω - MΩ

High Voltage Capacitors

High Voltage Capacitor Module

Application Compact Multipliers
Voltage : 10 - 160kV/ section
Type :  2/3/4 Stage systems
Capacitance : 0.50 - 10nf/ stage

Three Terminal, Two In One Capacitor

Values: 470pf /680pf/1150pf/ 1350pf
Working Voltage: 16kV
Test Voltage: 20kV
Type: PFN Stackable Capacitor

Low Profile, Slapper Capacitors

Values: 50 - 150 nFd (customer design)
Working Voltage: 5 - 15kV
Type: Low-profile, stackable capacitor

High Voltage Diodes

High Voltage Diode Stack

PIV: 15kV X4 = 60kV
Forward current: 700mA
Type: Stackable System
Fast recovery type

High Voltage Diode

PIV: 80kV
Forward current: 300mA
Type: Stackable
Type: Z/40/50

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